Drive for excellence

If you are already a regular customer of Sumex, you undoubtedly already know our commitment in the development and permanent search for innovative products that will allow you at all times to have not only quality products but also products that set trend and fashion.
If you discover our Race Sport and Car + accessory lines for the first time, be prepared to be amazed by its wide variation and wide range of applications.
Whether you work with Sumex or not, please contact us if you want solutions for your product lines. The careful design and presentation of our products position Sumex above its competitors and guarantee to its clients a maximum degree of satisfaction.
In its constant desire to remain at the forefront of its sector, Sumex constantly presents many new features.

The Sumex team is constantly engaged in the development and improvement of both the products and the service and customer service, and has a long experience in the search for the latest and the best.
You can find us in the most prestigious magazines in the market and in the most important fairs of the sector. We support our clients with advertising material, showcases and exhibitors. And with our presence on the Internet we connect our website with your sale point, so that you will receive numerous visits, requests and orders from the internet. What’s more, your customers will be able to directly choose the best route to get to see you.

Our work and experience is at the service of your success.