Overview of the Group


Drive for excellence

Sumex Group has positioned itself as European leader in the development, manufacture
and distribution of car accessories. Our capacity and commitment has positioned us as a reliable company to reach to our users with solutions that create value.

umex products are available in the main global markets via wholly owned Sumex subsidiaries or through its distributors. Our most important asset is our brand portfolio, clearly differentiated by product type and target market, each carefully designed to satisfy the needs of the market in quality, design and marketing..

We are very aware at Sumex Group that the trust that our clients place in our products is the key to our global standing. This drives us to always look for excellence in everything we undertake.

Sumex Group

With our main headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, ​​Sumex Group’s operations are carried out in our main markets through our subsidiaries Sumex España, Sumex Lda. Portugal, Sumex Italia, Sumex France, Sumex International LLC and Sumex América Corp .; via our partners Sumex UK and Sumex Scandinavia; and with our distributors in Holland, Finland, Slovenia, Malta, New Caledonia…and other markets.

The key to our expansion has been, and remains, the identification of opportunities created by a dynamic market, where the preferences of consumers are constantly changing. We transform these opportunities into the development of products that integrate design and functionality with attractive prices.

Our suppliers have closely cooperated with us over many years, and their help and prioritization of our proposals is a great help and asset for Sumex Group.

The growth of Sumex group into new markets requires an ever more efficient service to our customers particularly in the rapid distribution of our products. To achieve this, we have expanded our logistical capacity by acquiring distribution centres in the markets in which we operate. Our storage capacity exceeds 15,000m2, that’s more than 20,000 pallets, which allows us to serve our markets and be strategic suppliers for multinational clients.

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Sumex S.A.

Founded in 1969, Sumex S.A. has been the engine of Sumex group. Its activity is focused on the Spanish market and its facilities host the group headquarters, including the export department for markets where we do not operate with subsidiaries.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual” Vince Lombardi.

Sumex Lda.

Founded in 2001 and located in Vila do Conde (Oporto), Sumex Lda was the first step in our international expansion. Sumex Lda has successfully implanted Sumex’s brands and products into the Portuguese market. Sumex has become a market leader in our segment in Portugal thanks to the excellent work of Sumex Lda., and has also begun to export Sumex goods to African markets under Portuguese commercial influence.

Sumex Italia Srl.

Founded in 2003 and located in Parma, Sumex Italia has grown according to a business model based on close partnership with our distributors.
A collaborative relationship created to meet the needs of the final customers and that has achieved the introduction of Sumex products throughout the country, with presence in the auto-centres and the largest car accessory shops in Italy.

Sumex France SAS.

Founded in 2003 and located in Albi, near Toulouse, Sumex France has developed thanks to an ambitious logistical centre that, thanks to the characteristic Sumex perseverance, has consolidated our presence in the French market in a short period of time.
The quality of the Sumex brands and our valued customer service has deservedly won the trust of the largest retailers and distributors in the country.

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Sumex International LLC .

Founded in 2015 and based in Miami, our new American subsidiary was born with the aim of expanding our activity to the North American market and reinforce the already strong position achieved by our subsidiary Sumex America Corp. in Panama to penetrate not only North America, but also Central America and the Caribbean. The creation of Sumex International LLC strengthens and expands operations with export customers through the Miami Hub and expands the presence of Sumex products in the United States via traditional distribution channels and online platforms, especially Amazon.

Sumex America Corp.

Incorporated in 2009, Sumex América Corp. was our first incursion to the American continent. With its own warehouse of almost 4,000 m2, the corporate headquarters is in the Colon Free Zone, a strategically important location that attracts buyers from all over Latin America and from where our products can be consolidated with products from other sectors.

Sumex UK Ltd.

Founded in 1999, its activity and commercial base have been transferred to its main customer who has become the sole distributor of our brands, with an agreement regarding the use of the corporate name thus maintaining the asset that implies a recognized and well-positioned brand in the UK market.

Sumex Scandinavia.

Created as a legal company in 2011, Sumex Scandinavia concluded a close relationship with the Forsberg family maintained since 1997 and had successfully positioned the presence of Sumex products in the Scandinavian market, mainly through the brand Race Sport.

Our Capacity



Our products’ adaptability and flexibility allow their introduction to new markets depending on the distribution networks established and according to the traditional modus operandi.

We operate in many markets that are modelled using classic distribution channels, as in Portugal for example, as well as markets dominated by a few major distributors and retailers, as is in the case of France.




Tailor-made Solutions.


Our flexibility and capacity allow us to offer “tailor-made” solutions to suit the specific needs of our clients. We carry out customized projects with companies in the sector with which we develop products and solutions by contract.


  • Development of private brand accessories.
  • Collaboration with car manufacturers to develop OEM accessories.
  • Non-specific products in the category of automotive accessories.

Our Values




Our values ​​guide our activity and we seek to implement them in our relationships as well as in our products. Shared by each and every one of us who make up Sumex group, we don’t imagine work without them.




Passion, Dedication, Commitment, Honesty, Respect, Enthusiasm.